March 27, 2009

Golden Poop

Goldenpoop 1

It almost has the look of a golden flame that has taken an unfortunate tumble onto it's side. However, to the trained eye (such as those belonging to Tinselman... and practically everyone who's ever seen it), one can tell the true nature of this glorious wonder: poop. Giant Golden Poop!... gleaming like a poopy beacon atop the Asahi brewery in Asakusa.

Goldenpoop 2

Don't forget to enjoy the Golden Poop panoramically

Golden Poop from space.

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Under Discussion, 2005
by Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla.

via Vvork

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January 05, 2009

Mouser No More


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Cigar Boxes Galore

Ever since I became aware of my grandfather's habits, I discovered he would escaped the house at least once a day, taking long walks with cigar in hand. He allowed us to walk with him, however, at an early age it became apparent these walks were no time for frolic... for fun and games. Like him, we had to remain quiet. Contemplative. Introspective. Enveloped in the warm ceremonial scent of cigar smoke. This was fine by me. Somehow it made me feel a little more grown up... walking silently, side by side with this silver haired giant. Wrapped in his smokey halo.

There were cigar boxes galore scattered around Grampy's house; they were a mysterious and wonderful artifact of my grandfather smoking habit. I think my brother still has one.

Flickr user PopKulture has photographed dozens of similar cigar boxes... I recently stumbled across them; they're definetely worth checking out.


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December 03, 2008

Murder... Even for a Woman!

Murder-ad click image to enlarge

A Complete 16 page guide to Murder. Killing your family is "Easy", even for a woman!


flickr photo by crash n donna

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July 22, 2008

Join Us Or Be Destroyed


Republic of Tinselman engineers are currently slaving away on an army of miniature killer-robots. Aren't they perfectly lovely? Now we're just searching for the ideal enemy.


(thanks Eleri)

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July 21, 2008

Thumbelina® Brand Mini-Miniatures™


Imagine a horse that fits inside a high school locker and still leaves room for your books. Imagine a horse that jumps hurdles beneath your legs without ever touching your crotch. Imagine a horse that sleeps under your bed in perfect comfort.


Imagine no more! Geneticists at the New Lindbald Centre for Genetic Research in Braunschweig, Germany have created Thumbelina® brand Mini-Miniature House Horse™. When released next summer (2009), the Thumbelinas will be sure to delight both children and adults! They will be released in either male or female sexes, will come in a variety of colors and patterns and, at adulthood, will rarely grow taller than 17 inches! It's only ashame they won't be breedable.

Says Helmut Hienzel Diztl, Ph.D., one of the inventors of the Thumbelina Mini-Miniatures, "In many ways they're more like dogs. Horses are far too spirited to make a decent indoor pet, so we were very careful with the Thumbelina's architecture. In appearance, they're exactly similar to a shrunken miniature horse, but mentality, psychologically speaking, we gave them a pack animal mentality. In fact, we took much of the genetic data straight from dogs. Though in truth, they really are a delicate cocktail of many animals."

Currently, the Lindbald Centre is incubating and growing the horses as they lock down U.S., European, and Asian distributors.

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July 07, 2008

Cleaner Brighter Faster


In 1968 women wore "futuristic" helmets during house cleaning house. After cleaning, wearing the fashionable helmets to shopping and lunches was considered a must. My own mother couldn't afford a helmet, so my dad constructed one out of cardboard and duct-tape. He painted it gloss white. I thought it looked authentic, but she finally stopped wearing it when she noticed some of the neighbor ladies laughing behind her back.

Thankfully, such strict standards are no longer required.

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April 04, 2008

Exquisite Tinselhicks!

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March 10, 2008

Captain Picard & the Fish People

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