May 23, 2005

Tangled Maze of Caddo


Growing up in East Texas had its advantages. Caddo Lake was one of them. Named after the Caddo Indians, the lake is shrouded in mystery and myth. The legend of the lake tells of the Caddoan Chief. Warned in a dream to move his village away to higher ground, he refused to listen, and so the violent-earth-spirits shook the ground and swallowed up his village. Ergo Caddo Lake.

Scientists say it was just a big earthquake.

In any case, the result is something otherworldly: a tangled maze of swampy passages that seem to stretch on forever and ever. Maps can't begin to help (not even Google Maps). Comments like, "don't get lost out there; you'll never find your way back," used to give me the distinct impression that there were countless numbers of forever-adrift canoeists out there – bewitched by the fog and magic of the quiet, alligator-infested waters. And every once in great while, a mysterious, white Ghost Ship would wander along to gather them all up for one last long ride.

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