March 07, 2014

Augustus Gladstone Through Time


Otherwise titled... Everything you wanted to know about Augustus Gladstone but were afraid to ask! Including, but not limited to...

  • His birth in 1856 (on Christmas day)
  • A brief timeline covering some of the most important events in his life
  • 2011 - His discovery and use of YouTube
  • 2011 - The production of this documentary film about his life
  • 2014 - The merchandising of Augustus Gladstone :-)

For the full-sized PDF (with links to everything AUGUSTUS GLADSTONE) click the above image. Or to click here to go to The Immortal Augustus Gladstone website.

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December 28, 2013

Robyn Miller's AMA

I had a blast exposing my innermost secrets at yesterday's AMA! I answered a ton of provoking questions about Myst/Riven, some unexpected questions about my debut film, The Immortal Augustus Gladstone, but only one question about the elusive and extraordinary long horse. Thanks to everyone who attended!


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December 24, 2013

Interviewing Me


A few days ago, Mark Frauenfelder from Boing Boing interviewed me about directing and playing the lead role in The Immortal Augustus Gladstone. We had a great conversation! The above video includes the first three minutes of the film.

Here's another short video about... Who is this Augustus guy anyway? And why is Boing Boing suddenly in the film biz?


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December 09, 2013

The Immortal Augustus Gladstone Everything



Hi loyal tinselman readers (and members of the Republic)! I've been talking about it for awhile and now it's here... or virtually here! The Immortal Augustus Gladstone will be released, for your viewing pleasure, before Christmas! Because afterall, Augustus was born on Christmas... he wouldn't have wanted to miss the holiday!

Above is our latest trailer featuring the music of VAST! We call the trailer "Searching For Blood".

More news... our film is being released and presented by our favorite blog Boing Boing. Its initial release will be exclusively available only from their site! But you can can pre-order the movie now as a DRM-free download!

We'll be partnering with Boing Boing to bring you tons of fun stuff. Like contests, interviews with collaborators, related short films, and more... like the following first episode of "Augustus Speaks", created from footage we didn't use in the film..

Visit our channel at YouTube or Vimeo to subscribe.

You can also now pre-order the official soundtrack to the film - the first soundtrack I've written since Riven. Or maybe just listen to a few tracks...

Soundtrack is available here. It will be released Dec. 13th (just a few days from now).

You can find all this and more at our new website, here.

Augustus needs your help! (So do we.) Please help spread the word! Thanks!

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September 25, 2012

The Immortal Augustus Gladstone Trailer

Some of you may be aware... I've been working on a small film for awhile. It's done! (polite applause) We released the first offical trailer on our blog last night. 

A couple years ago, Augustus discovered the modern era and started leaving a series of YouTube videos. In this film we try to delve more deeply into who he is. In the process, we discovered what it means to be filmmakers.

I really hope you enjoy the trailer!!!

YouTube version below...


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June 27, 2012

Close Friends With a Count

For the past month, I've been composing the soundtrack for The Immortal Augustus Gladstone. A few days ago, I shared the above piece, Close Friends with a Count, on twitter.

We've been pretty quiet about the film but we're now almost finished with the entire project. Which feels good!

Let me know if you have questions... about the film, about the music, about whatever you like (within reason of course). I'll answer whatever I can! 

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November 29, 2011

Message For the Movie Crew


If you read the previous post or if you've been following our work on the Augustus Gladstone blog, you already know that I've been directing a feature documentary about Augustus.

Three weeks ago we lost contact with him and haven't been able to find him since. Yesterday he left the above "Message for the movie crew" on YouTube.

We know it's a long shot, but if you have any information about Augustus, please let us know.

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August 03, 2011

The Immortal Augustus Gladstone


The above is one of the most recent youtube videos from Augustus Gladstone which, because of a posting on, has recieved a bit of attention.

My Tinselman blog has virtually silent for some time; the few of you who've paid close attention know why... I was beginning work on a documentary. I explain it this way on The Immortal Augustus Gladstone blog...

I began the early planning for this film about a year ago; we were looking for the right subject (meaning person) but had no luck. So we regrouped and changed our strategy and that’s when, through sheer happenstance, we discovered Augustus on YouTube.

We will continue to keep you abrest of our production at our blog. 

There's more at the Official Augustus Gladstone website.

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March 06, 2010

War Paint


As a kid, I always thought race cars were so incredibly cool looking. Fast, sleek, colorful... like toys. Somewhere along the long, race cars changed; the cars themselves seemed to disappear beneath a barrage of advertisements. This short video explains it all so well...

video at


Go Faster by Sven Voelker

via: grain edit

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February 17, 2010


Mattepainting01 click images to enlarge

I love these matte paintings by John P. Fulton, from the 1931 production of Dracula. (For scale, look for the tiny carriage in each.)


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