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February 20, 2010

Blues ≠ Monkeyjunk

What else is to be said?

The first video I posted of blues artist Son House was mysteriously removed at its source. Here's an excellent replacement... Death Letter Blues!

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A friend of mine, good with words, recently wrote a blues tune and said this about the style:

"obviously it is totally impossible to own another human being, and if it wasn't impossible it would be totally immoral, and if it wasn't immoral it would be quite inconvenient, and if it wasn't inconvenient it would get boring rather fast. So it's not "I got a woman", it's "agada woman", they don't mean the same thing all, got it? This song is blues, that's a good way to complain."

...Just an interesting thought of his that made me think of this post. Figured I'd share :)


Posted by: Josiah | Mar 2, 2010 10:50:27 PM

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