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January 22, 2010

Farina Oxigen

Farina_oxygen click to enlarge

by Jani Leinonen, 2008

Acrylic on product package

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January 20, 2010

Real Fake Worlds

About two weeks ago, Josiah, a friend, sent me the the link to this short film. I started watching and couldn't stop until it was over. Not just because it's so beautifully composed and edited, but also because every object in the film was modeled using 3dsmax and rendered using Vray by only one person... Alex Roman.

If you watch even a portion of it, it's worth link to vimeo to see it full screen so you won't miss a detail.

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I wasn't crazy about Avatar. I was hoping the movie would be better than the trailer. It wasn't... for a lot of reasons. The bad design, the garish colors, the dull characters, and the ludicrous "indians are so heavenly and pure" theme, which is summed up beautifully in the above paragraph (click to enlarge).

Worst bit of design?... I can't decide. Was it the six legged horse that looked like a blend between a sea horse and a horse (with scales)? Or was it the hammer-head rhino thing?

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