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May 11, 2009

Lost Myst

Just a bald head. And part of an ear. But, weirdly enough, you probably know exactly who and what you're looking at.

I've been enjoying LOST ever since the beginning. Maybe this quote in Time Magazine, is part of the reason.

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I am totally a Lost fan. I think it is Art on the scale of Dickens, Homer, and Melville -- any of the great literature of the past.

Posted by: Kevin Kelly | May 11, 2009 10:31:56 PM

I remember reading that article, and thinking YES... finally someone fesses up to it! But I guess everyone gets to where they are by standing on the shoulders of those who came before, yes? :)

Posted by: Jonathan C. | May 12, 2009 9:17:22 AM

I agree completely. I have been a LOST apostle since the first episode, and implore everyone i meet who havnt seen the show,and who are book lovers, to watch it from the beginning, as one reads a book. It is the most literary t.v. show yet. One just has to peruse the LOST Library on abc.com to understand that. Also, I've always loved the MYST allusions scattered around the show. even the opening title "linking book sound" with its spinning, blurry "LOST"! And even many angles on the Island are marvelously reminiscent to those of Riven. I'm glad you finally mentioned this Robyn! I remember talking about this w/ you years ago:)

Posted by: nick thomas | May 14, 2009 7:09:14 AM

I've been wondering for the longest time why I'm such a hardcore fan of the series - and now it all makes sense.

Posted by: AstraL | May 18, 2009 8:48:24 AM

The best tv show ever, you can easily get drowned in its world, but not as easy as we drowned in the world of Riven and Myst.. still Myst dominates ..
every sound in Riven follows me in my daily life .. and in my dreams ... every little beetle bring lots of thoughts and memories of times when I was there

Posted by: orion ghf | Jun 7, 2009 1:24:44 AM

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