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December 29, 2008

Bubbles on the Beach

Picture 7 Click photos to enlarge

I've never been to Cape Romano Florida and, unless someone forces me, I won't be going there any time soon. From the looks of it, there's pretty much nothing to do or see there except this dome house, which supposedly managed to survive hurricane Wilma without a scratch. Though it looks to me like it's slowly slipping off into the ocean.


Flickr photos by Gunboats and Mila O

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December 03, 2008

New Site

Picture 6

I redesigned my Tinselman site. The Gallery remains essentially the same; the most-used words found in the comments for any one painting become the title for that painting. So please continue to name my paintings! (They need you.)

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Murder... Even for a Woman!

Murder-ad click image to enlarge

A Complete 16 page guide to Murder. Killing your family is "Easy", even for a woman!


flickr photo by crash n donna

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December 02, 2008

Soft Tanks


Abe's Tank - click photo to enlarge

A few weeks ago, my 11 year old and I decided to sculpt, so we got out the Super Sculpey Firm. After working with this newer style of Sculpey for a while, my son and I decided it totally kicks ass on softer styles of Sculpey. Why? Because it doesn't flop over on it's side when handled. And it's firm enough to keep its shape when carved.

My son began making a tank. So I made a tank. We have yet to paint them.


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