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November 26, 2008

Secret Spy Sublimity

Partial view of snow fort – click to enlarge (it's worth it!)

Around the age of nine, my friends and I spent inordinate amounts of time designing and drawing top secret spy hideouts, an activity undoubtedly inspired by an overdose of our favorite spy: James Bond 007. These hideouts usually, but not always, came in the form of smallish, artfully disguised command centers for top secret spy stuffs, the creation of which required whopping amounts of concentration on the parts of our teensy-weensy nine year old brains. So much work! So much effort! But oh... so little time.

When finished designing and rendering our islands – a task which typically took about 45 minutes – we'd go outside and attempt to play the worlds we'd just made, applying our fanciful creations to the real world around us. So my bike becomes the helicopter. The area of dead grass in the corner of the yard becomes the helipad. The tree house becomes the mountain. Matt's bike becomes the fishing boat... And I think you're getting the general picture. At first this is a raucous delight but, in a matter of minutes, the whole thing disintegrates because, after all, the backyard is never going to measure up to these kick ass cool spy maps we've drawn. How could it?... How could anything in the backyard begin to approximate the elaborate underground control centers of our spy islands?

So that's it. That's what we did. But it all pretty much pales in comparison to the above sublime snow fort. It's probably a good thing we never saw this snow fort as kids; we might have never drawn another spy island in our lives – it so puts everything we did to shame. It's all there: so perfect, so complete. Does it even matter what it's supposed to do and why it's doing it? Of course not! (except maybe for the fact that it has something to do with the cold war and averting atomic bombs).

Click the image... enlarge it. You won't be sorry.

More information about here at Modern Mechanix.

Illustration by Frank Tinsley

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November 25, 2008

Mountain Guardian

Mountain creature

My cousin took this photo during a recent trip to Japan. I have no idea where or what it is, but it pleases me.

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