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July 21, 2008

Thumbelina® Brand Mini-Miniatures™


Imagine a horse that fits inside a high school locker and still leaves room for your books. Imagine a horse that jumps hurdles beneath your legs without ever touching your crotch. Imagine a horse that sleeps under your bed in perfect comfort.


Imagine no more! Geneticists at the New Lindbald Centre for Genetic Research in Braunschweig, Germany have created Thumbelina® brand Mini-Miniature House Horse™. When released next summer (2009), the Thumbelinas will be sure to delight both children and adults! They will be released in either male or female sexes, will come in a variety of colors and patterns and, at adulthood, will rarely grow taller than 17 inches! It's only ashame they won't be breedable.

Says Helmut Hienzel Diztl, Ph.D., one of the inventors of the Thumbelina Mini-Miniatures, "In many ways they're more like dogs. Horses are far too spirited to make a decent indoor pet, so we were very careful with the Thumbelina's architecture. In appearance, they're exactly similar to a shrunken miniature horse, but mentality, psychologically speaking, we gave them a pack animal mentality. In fact, we took much of the genetic data straight from dogs. Though in truth, they really are a delicate cocktail of many animals."

Currently, the Lindbald Centre is incubating and growing the horses as they lock down U.S., European, and Asian distributors.

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Is anyone else really creeped out by this?

Posted by: Bonnie | Jul 21, 2008 3:40:46 PM

Definitely. This was disturbing on so many levels. Cute, but creepy.
...and I'm not so sure I would want to equip an animal with a "pack animal" mentality. If they were messing with their heads that much, it makes one wonder how many pink elephants those poor little things see everyday.

Posted by: Alli | Jul 22, 2008 7:14:28 AM

Actually, I think is kind of awesome. Humanity now has the ability to maneuver life and create new forms of life without the need for natural evolution.

This could very well prove to be a complete revolution for humanity and civilization as we know it. We could modify ourselves, extend lifespan, enhance ourselves aesthetically and physically.

In terms of it being creepy, I guess it is a bit weird, but creepiness is only a virtual concept, and in a hundred or a thousand years from now if this kind of thing carries through, it would only appear in retrospect as a form of change, not unlike the changes throughout civilization or even natural evolution(think how we went from the Greco-Roman world marked by paganism, the festival of dyonisus , etc. all which carried certain values relative to that time and place, to the Judeo-Christian world of the second millenium.)

Anywhoo, I guess it's exciting to see the world in movement, heading towards God knows where.

Posted by: Yali | Jul 23, 2008 10:16:06 AM

To my experience its not much of a novelty. I saw over 20 years ago a horde of minihorses ( I was told at 20.000$ a piece galopping through the garden in Bandung Indonesia of a retired Army General who happend to be our host as I was dating one of his family members.
The horses were I would say nearly that small and run in and out the big Villa ground floor and where HOUSE TRAINED like dogs. Sadly the man also had Eagles, Crocks, and many more rare species in his personal zoo some of who I did not approve off, but had no choice this was under Suharto times. I think I actually have photographs of these horses..must find them but HOW to post them? It looked like a mini Marlboro advertising we all were stunned. Obviously money was no matter. They drank out of his private olympic pool that has a water source running in on one side and a little river out the other. Talk about luxury. He told me they were imported ..but did not reveal from where, but was VERY proud of them and loved them dearly and knew the names of each of them. They were 100% sure NOT just small poneys. That much I knew.
So..what else is new ?

Posted by: Vic Stapel | Jul 24, 2008 11:42:45 PM

vic, I must respond. Of course there are miniature horses. I myself have seen a number of them. But I've never seen or heard of a mini horse that reaches a maximum of 17 inches. I think that's why they call them mini-miniatures. I'm not sure, but I'm assuming they started with the genetic material of miniature horses. Don't know.

Posted by: tinselman | Jul 25, 2008 10:51:46 AM

Hi, Robyn. I know Thumbelina is real, but the genetics facility you list is not mentioned anywhere on the web except the Tinselman blog and the sites linking to your site, so I've got to ask where exactly you got this information and if it's actually legit - or are you just messing with us for fun?

BTW, great music, Robyn! It's good to hear some of what you've done since Myst and Riven.

Posted by: Matthew H. | Oct 3, 2008 6:06:18 PM

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