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July 22, 2008

Join Us Or Be Destroyed


Republic of Tinselman engineers are currently slaving away on an army of miniature killer-robots. Aren't they perfectly lovely? Now we're just searching for the ideal enemy.


(thanks Eleri)

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Wow, what beautiful pieces of art he makes! Richly detailed, no doubt every model has its own background story. As it should be. Really inspiring post, thanks!

Posted by: polijn | Jul 22, 2008 10:59:29 AM

Wow. Is that first one actually made out of a combat helmet?

Posted by: Alli | Jul 23, 2008 6:13:28 AM

(Enemy? May I recommend the "King" from the Burger King commercials?)

Those are totally wicked!

Posted by: ScottE | Jul 25, 2008 10:14:35 PM

Hrmmmm.... They are fabulous. Wish there was a resource to buy them from as the links to this persons website are decidedly non-helpful in an e-commerce sort of way.

Posted by: BWJones | Jul 27, 2008 1:16:05 PM

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