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May 08, 2007


Night at the Fair – click to enlarge

It was grand. It was colorful. It was futuristic. It was the 1964-1965 New York Worlds Fair! In a 25 page photo spread, National Geographic called the fair, "A journey round the world. A look back in time, and a window on the future. A treasure house of religious faiths. A procession of products. And a dream of 'Peace through Understanding.'" Modern Mechanix has been kind enough to post the article in it's entirety, and it's stunning.


Looking through the photos, you can't help but notice It's a Small World, the Disneyland ride which made it's premier at the fair and is still popular at Disneyland. It wasn't the only Disneyland attraction (or technology) that made it's premier at the fair: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and Carousel of Progress, introduced at the fair, were popular at Disneyland for a long time after. Most importantly, the animatronics and the omnimover transportation, introduced at the fair, are still in use today at all the Disney parks.

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Thanks for the link to this tremendous article. People who love the concept should also check out Erik Mattie's book, "World's Fairs."

Posted by: Christopher Libertino | May 10, 2007 8:32:39 AM

Chris: does this book cover the Expos? I went to Expo 85 in Tsukuba, Japan when I lived there, and have been looking for information about the fair written in English for a long time.

I aquired an Omni covering the Expo, but that was really thin on details, and I've already read everything I could find online.

(It was a cool event.)

Posted by: Scott Elyard | May 14, 2007 10:42:54 AM

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