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May 01, 2007


untitled by shadowplay

Where do old neon signs go to die?

Most get taken to the dump and are forgotten. But if a sign is lucky enough to cast its intoxicating glow over a Las Vegas blvd, then it will probably breathe its last breathe with honor. With dignity. At the Boneyard (a veritable jewel box for photographers!).

Graveyard02_2 It's also known as the Neon Graveyard... three acres of dead signs!  You can get in to see the graveyard, but it costs some money, and you've got to schedule a tour or photo-shoot ahead of time (and that could be canceled at any time, for any number of reasons).

Or... you just make friends with the guard and then go in and wander around all you want!

Graveyard04 Take a look at this amazing panoramic view of the Graveyard (click on photo, left). It gives at least a sense of being there.

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top photo and middle photo by shadowplay© all rights reserved.
panoramic view by Sam Rohn© all rights are reserved

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Oh, how I would love to photograph there. It is not too far away, so perhaps a little road trip is in order?

Posted by: BWJones | May 1, 2007 1:42:49 PM

Found your blog via BWJones. Great fun to shoot neon - I look for it as I drive around the west. Reading between the lines, I gather you avoided plunking down the $1million in liability insurance too. Thanks for the pictures. AT

Posted by: Ann Torrence | May 10, 2007 2:21:38 PM

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