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February 27, 2007

Multidimensional Khan


Citizens of the Republic of Tinselman,

A few months ago, a dedicated "away team" of thrill seeking adventurers devoted themselves a great cause: seeking out our lost Khan! This didn't go so well. Running out of fuel and and crashing their ship wasn't the worst; things really took a downward turn when their intrepid leader, William Shatner, shriveled up into a fetal position and began sucking his thumb.

But now we can finally ignore them! We have at last discovered the precise location of our great and illustrious Khan (may he forever be surrounded by his five celestial Khanettes). It turns out, we were altogether looking in the wrong place! He's somehow moved into alternate dimension, and, in the process, he has changed form and become a higher being. Transcended! But we've been lucky enough to capture his image (above).

Khan, we worship you. We bow before your throne, and before the angelic beauty of the Khanettes. Guide us against our enemies. You are our rock! Our hope! Our multidimensional mustached King of beauty and light!

photo © 2006 by mikerosebery

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February 18, 2007

Animal Head


I wasn't concerned when my wife began to wear Carlos Diez's new mask accessory in private. But when she began sporting one in public, I was startled (to say the very least). Until I began to notice the stares and smiles of admiration.

Mysteryfash_1But I've been considering this. It's very Hercules meets Darth Vader!

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February 16, 2007

Lace Fence


Of their Lace Fence, the Dutch design team, Demakersvan, says:

What would happen if a patch of embroided wire would meet with and continue as an industrial fence?... The strong industrial fence is challenged in its function and appearance by a delicate lace decoration, showing how something which was meant for pure functionality can also be decorative.

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February 13, 2007

The Baghdad Prophecy


Shivers recently ran up and down my spine, as I listened to our fate, so chillingly (and accurately) prophesied by an ancient oracle.

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February 09, 2007

Paper Trail


Please fill out this form before you enjoy Pheobe Washburn's endless paper trail.

Papertrail02Papertrail03(via: Moon River)

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February 07, 2007

Manuscript of the Republic

Click image to enlarge

If we, of the Republic of Tinselman, had our way, our capital city would be housed in a gigantic spherical structure, where plaster dinosaurs kept vigilant watch alongside boulevards of dripstone.

But alas, our hope for such greatness were dashed to pieces, when our first attempt at a city was set ablaze, and our Saviour Khan vanished beyond the far reaches of the galaxy. Now, in his absence, we are but left to dream.

OmnibusAnd so, to aid us in our dreams, we turn to the Journal of Ride Theory Omnibus. Why? Because it's utterly cool and freakin' amazing! In short, it'll blow your mind. It's nothing less than a Manual to Tinselistic Wow-Magicical! But... bear in mind, we must do everything possible to keep this manuscript out of the hands of our enemies! It will unquestionably stretch their imaginations into unknown territory. It may give them the power to finally destroy us.

Images from Journal of Ride Theory Omnibus, Edited by Dan Howland. Copyright©2004 Ride Theory Press.

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