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December 06, 2006

Longbody Lightning


Yesterday, Crystal May Marbury, the daughter of Lord Marbury, the one time owner of this noble thoroughbred, emailed me the above image. As she said in her email,

I hope this portrait of jockey P.J. Tarley, sitting astride "Longbody Lighting", aids you in your campaign against this anti-long-horse conspiracy. My father owned Longbody and, for a short time, while it was fashionable, Longbody was known as "The long horse that almost won the Derby."

Longbody was one of the last known long horses around. And he would have won, had he raced. Instead, he was disqualified. At the last minute, there was an important "new rule" regarding length of flank; Longbody obviously exceeded legal measurements.

Jockey02 If that's not enough to convince all you long horse "skeptics", then what about the long horses practically jumping out of the pages of great literature? Especially those that innocently adorn children's books... they're everywhere! From the Dutch classic Pluk van de Petteflet to the whimsically delightful Jeeno, Heloise, and Igamor, the Long, Long Horse (and who will ever be able to forget the kindness and loyalty of Igamor the long horse?... we will always remember him as a true friend).

Jockey03The evidence is overwhelming! And still, we gather together more evidence daily! Like this never-before-shown-in public long donkey. I myself had never even heard of the animal, but we can no longer be surprised by anything! The long horse is real. Like a voice, it has spoken. And it is saying,

I am a long horse, and damn proud of it! Don't stand in my way, or I'll crush you (and believe me, I weigh a hell of a lot more than those other wimpy equines)! I am a god among horses and men. But men enjoy the kill... which, by the way, is exactly what they did to all of us! Kill, kill, kill. Whew... it wasn't pretty either. And now you don't want us to be real! How convenient. Then who among you is the 'true believer'? Who has the faith to accept that which he cannot see? And so I say, unless you become as little children, you will never walk side by side with the long horse (which might just explain all those children's books).

Please, help keep the memory of the long horse alive for future generations. Spread the word and save the long horse.

(thanks Lord Marbury, and Brqkke)

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Amen, brother.

Posted by: raincoaster | Dec 6, 2006 5:57:36 PM

Longdonkeys are fairly well known here in Australia, although they keep they prefer to keep their distance from humans (and are often mistaken for the Brumby horse). Unlike the long horse, longdonkeys do survive in the wild and have maintained their long torsos over the generations.

I was lucky to see a small herd of them while on a driving trip between between Broken Hill and Lake Mungo National Park. Unforunately I took no photo, because they ran away as soon as we approached.

(Sadly, due to the ever worsening drought, longdonkeys are becoming harder to see every year. Because they are not native to Australia, however, they are not considered priorities for conservation.)

Posted by: Mark | Dec 6, 2006 7:58:45 PM

long cat is longer

Posted by: kemal | Dec 8, 2006 1:05:45 PM

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