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December 01, 2006

X-Ray Acme Novelty Library


The vintage print art in yesterday's post naturally got me thinking about one of my favorite artists and writers... Chris Ware! Each of his books are nothing less than treasures... or better. I digest a new book, as slowly as possible, because I feel I owe it to Mr. Ware. I want to soak up every detail of the amazing worlds he's created!

Fairchicago_05What I like about his work are the characters. They're real. They're honestly portrayed... even dark and often cruel. But his comic novels are never oppressive: if they were, I wouldn't read them. Instead, they're weirdly uplifting.

Of course, the Chris Ware book covers (which are hand drawn) are graphic adventures in their own right. Now you can see all of them (in Supersized, X-Ray, 3-D-Vision) at the Chris Ware Acme Novelty Library's Archive.

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