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December 18, 2006

Long Horse of the Temoekoes


This Balinese long horse totem, posted by Mark Frauenfelder (ILHBA), clearly proves the existence of the long horse. On it's own, it should be enough to lay all long horse doubts to rest.

And yet, there's more...

Long horses were introduced to Bali by the Europeans in the 16th century. When the Balinese first saw the long horses, walking out onto the beaches, they fell on their faces, trembling. Of the event, it was written by the Dutch explorer, Cornelis de Houtman:

"The beasts are noble, powerful, and yet humble. To the natives, the long horses are as Gods and the Balinese worship them as such."

Even today, in Bali, there remains an undercurrent of worship and remembrance of the long horse. The sacred tree, known as Our Long Horse of Temoekoes (first noticed on June 17th, 1993) is a perfect example of this. The tree is "set apart" by a 2' high mark in the shape of a long horse. And even though your average Balinese would deny the belief of such a thing, thousands of pilgrims have continued to flock to the site, ever since it first appeared, to pray for miracles and healing.

Talk about proof! Wow! We are even more convinced than ever (and some of us are talking about a group pilgrimage to the site).

Thank you to Delissa Mel, a card carrying member of the ILHBA, who went all the way to Bali for this long horse story. Climbing to the site can be difficult and, unfortunately, Delissa forgot her camera. If any tinsel-reader has been to Our Long Horse of Temoekoes, please post your photo and send me the link!

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ok, so long horse real, but actually we don't worship no more. they symbol of colonial oppression of bali.

but if you want i organize tour when you come to see?

Posted by: Gede | Dec 19, 2006 5:28:51 PM

The world is such a big place. How do we know the long horse is extinct?

Posted by: Justin | Dec 20, 2006 6:55:42 AM

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