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December 04, 2006

Spread the Long Horse Word


Ladies and gentleman, we are caught in the middle of a long horse storm, so to speak. And what can be done to save the long horse?

Wiki_1Even now, malicious forces are attempting to erase all proofs of the horse's existence. Their latest move? They're going after one unassuming entry on wikipedia. What does one entry matter (in the general scheme of things)? But to them, everything matters! And so they are at work, night and day, wiping the world clean of all we know and love—our tears, our laughter, all those precious stories our grandparents told us—they are wiping it clean! Forever "purified" of the long horse. Is that the kind of world of lies in which you want yourself and your children to live? A world lies?! A world where long horse dreams are crushed?! So then, what can we do to stop these evil forces?

Join the ILHBA

That's right, you can join the International Long Horse Breeders Association. It's very simple, but it take some commitment! And you must swear to follow a few simple rules. They're easy as pie. Any long horse lover would be happy to comply. Mark Frauenfelder, at boingboing, will tell you all about them.

Spread the Long Horse Word

Don't let "them" (whoever the hell they are) get away with this! Once you've joined ILHBA, it's time to tell everyone you know the happy truth about the great horse that showed you the way! Write your friends! Call your mother! Preach a sermon! Or post it in your blog , like NDNL has done! This is grassroots, folks. We're talking anything that works... just tell the world about the long horse.

Shorthorse And please, just don't make up the facts! Remember, it's a long horse. Not a two legged horse.

Note: New long horse evidence just in.

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Maybe we should contact UNESCO and the WWF?

Posted by: Nils | Dec 4, 2006 2:15:49 PM

More evidence:


Posted by: LordMarbury | Dec 5, 2006 7:44:58 PM

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