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November 14, 2006

Attack of the Blog Monsters!


Geozilla (or George Davis) has been posting his extraordinary vinyl monster photos on flickr for some time. Now he has a blog called "Omni-Monster!!! – Kaijutopia" and he's already been posting some amazing stuff! Vinyl monsters never looked so good!

Toytoy_02Don't be frightened... these monsters can't hurt you. They are as harmless as kittens (though some are gigantically humongous). Do yourself a favor and drop by!

Blue Godzilla photos (beautiful)

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That is pretty sweet - don't know that I'd like that one at the top - looks like a squishy mosquito. A cute one, but squishy nonetheless.

Posted by: indrabar | Nov 14, 2006 1:27:51 PM

You know, it reminds me of that old Marvel Comics character the "Man-Thing." But this thing is just a touch scaier. Though, it probably can sense your fear and burn you alive with its touch, just like the Man-Thing...

Posted by: Adam Wilmer | Nov 14, 2006 4:12:19 PM

Hey there!

Just found this article about Carlos Enriquez.
This is a post I did about him too:


And some older ones:



(but I just discovered that he doesn't like the relation with Murakami as he sees his art as a different aproach to what he's doing...)

Nice Article btw!!!


joel+maria pirela

Posted by: joel+maria pirela | Nov 25, 2006 9:54:27 AM

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