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October 25, 2006

Killer Robotic Chair


The terminator is finally amoung us... in the form of this deadly Robotic Chair.

It may look innocent enough. Not so. I warn you... if you see this Robotic Chair, DO NOT make yourself comfy! This furniture is programmed to destroy all of humankind! And then regenerate itself to do it again!

It's creator, Professor Raffaello D'Andrea, feigns innocence: "It has no utilitarian value. It is an art piece."

Take a look at this death-dealing "art piece" in action!...

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October 22, 2006

Soap Pads


This is not the stockroom of your local grocery. You are inside the Andy Warhol Museum, admiring (or possibly inwardly laughing at) some of Warhol's grocery box art.

Warhol_03 In 1969, Warhol, a known workaholic, transformed "The Factory" into a literal factory and went to work screen printing and painting on pre-cut wooden blocks. Kellog's corn flakes, Mott's Apple Juice, Del Monte Peaches, Heinz Ketchup, and his most well known, Brillo Pads.

Warhol just knew they were going to sell like hotcakes but, when they were first exhibited at the Stable Gallery in 1964, Warhol's audience was disapointed. As art dealer, Eleanor Ward explained,

[The boxes] were very difficult to sell. He thought that everyone was going to buy them on sight, he really and truly did. We all had visions of people walking down Madison Avenue with these boxes under their arms, but we never saw them.

Warhol_02_1 Would you like to purchase a brillo box? Such a thing is possible! A number of galleries still have a boxes lying around.

Contemporary visual work by Douglas Coupland


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Notes From Mount St. Tinsel


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October 02, 2006

Budapest in Paint


Now that he's retired, my Dad has started painting. His greatest inspiration? Sadly it's Thomas Kinkade (and his "painter of light" sap). So most of the time Dad paints cute homes from a bygone era.

In stark contrast, Dad once painted this trolley from Budapest (where Mom and Dad spent a few years). This painting, with the housing project in the background and the daily grunge of Budapest, was anything but sappy.

I loved it. When Dad asked if I would like something he'd done, I immediately choose the trolley painting. I think he was shocked. He thought the trolley was a silly (and ugly) subject for a painting and had already gone back to painting houses. Ever since then, I've been hounding him to paint more contemporary subjects.

To see the painting at a larger size click the icon:



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