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August 16, 2006

Essentially Improved

Military flight helmets from WWII through Vietnam

I'm fascinated by the stylings of the military. The guise is pure functionality but underneath that surface is a complex military aesthetic. I'm fascinated by the continued evolution of this design aesthetic, from as far back as the greeks all the way to modern day.

For a quick glimpse of it all, just take a quick browse through ebay (like I just did). The above helmets are from one seller "who has been asked by a widow to sell her husband's huge military collection." Wow! They're stunning.

As military technology does evolve, so do blogs. With this post, I am evolving (and hopefully improving) the Tinselman blog by enlarging the standard size for images. I'm getting tired of looking at these tiny pictures! So here it is... the first of many larger images to come. Enjoy! (And click image to enlarge)

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Hey Robyn, For Jonesblog, I've decided to standardize on a 600 pixel wide image and let the height fall where it may for whichever image may be present. It's worked out pretty well and the bandwidth is not too onerous even when linked by a popular site like BoingBoing.

Now, where are we with those Bugfish t-shirts? :-)

Posted by: BWJones | Aug 16, 2006 4:40:51 PM

Hooray for the larger images. Much improved and a welcome addition to the Tinselman. Helmets aren't the only things that are ugly for practicality's sake. Have you ever seen a sound-powered phone from a ship? They really put these bluetooth headsets of today to shame.

Posted by: jedimacfan | Aug 16, 2006 7:11:01 PM

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