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May 11, 2006

For the Sake of Small


What happens when one of the world's most famous architects, Frank Gehry, is given 22 acres of Brooklyn to turn into his personal playland? Two things. Firstly, a lot of New Yorkers get very upset. Secondly, we get a couple of fabulistic miniatures out of the deal.


Here at the Republic of Tinselman, we're crazy about miniatures of almost any kind. About the buildings themselves, I can only leave you to comment.

These early "sketch" miniatures of the project may help you form your delicate opinion...



click photos to enlarge

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I love Gehry's work, I truly do. Robyn, these models give me an idea, we should have a commercial/trade center for our Republic of Tinselman. Some great twisting and contorted tower of commerce. I like buildings, I like models (both the inanimate and living kind) and boy do I like money. Nuff said.

Posted by: Adam Wilmer | May 11, 2006 4:47:40 PM

I work in one of Gehry's buildings, and it's really something that I wouldn't inflict on a mass-murderer.

If he could only stick to miniatures...

Posted by: Karl Ramm | May 11, 2006 4:53:47 PM

Adam... hmm. Interesting. but you know, I do think the Republic needs a city. A miniature city. Made out of small plastic toys. Or food. Or chewed gum. Of course, as the Khan, I'm too important to make this miniature. Khans don't do things like that. They just order people around. I guess we'll need a mayor of this city. I'm thinking of Brad Pitt because he was so instrumental in the whole buffulo photo story. I'll give he and Angela a ring in Africa... throw it past him.

Posted by: Robyn | May 11, 2006 5:03:23 PM

Wow! Karl... thanks for the comment. Definitely a different perspective from you typically hear.

Posted by: Robyn | May 11, 2006 5:06:55 PM

I love the detail in some of those buildings. The intricate touches on some miniature models have always impressed me. I would likely have an aneurysm before finishing one myself, though...

Posted by: Lelia Katherine Thomas | May 11, 2006 5:21:30 PM

I'm on it Robyn! I will build our city!Since Khan Miller has ordered it, so shall it be done! On one condition, a small request on my part, if I build this city (oh and a grand toy toilet paper roll city it shall be!) I would like to be Sub-Mayor of the city, under Mr. Brad Pitt. A small promotion... this is all I ask... either that or to be allowed to make out with Angelina Jolie... c'mon... I mean... she's Angelina Jolie...

Posted by: Adam Wilmer | May 11, 2006 7:38:12 PM

Those models are quite neat. Gehry always seems to have interesting architectural geometry. Let's just hope they don't try to turn it into a concert hall and play an atonal medley by Phillip Glass . . . (Simpsons reference, in case you didn't know).

I hate to bring it up, but need I remind you what happened the last time we tried to get a Hollywood celebrity involved with the Republic? We wound up with "the Snake" going mad with power, trying to surrender us to the NSK and Wikipedia, and possibly even trying to sell the Republic on Priceline.com! If we're going to have Brad Pitt serve as mayor of this new city (by the way, what are we calling it?), we should at least have R.O.T.X.O.T. do a little factfinding on him . . .

(By the way, being a composer and having such things, Phillip Glass wouldn't actually write an "atonal medley" to begin with . . . his music actually has a strong sense of tonal centricity . . . probably way more than you needed to know, but I can't help it!)

Posted by: Alex | May 11, 2006 8:27:51 PM

Typo . . . I meant "knowing such things" instead of "having such things" . . . I'm a bit tired, so my apologies.

Posted by: Alex | May 11, 2006 8:30:12 PM

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