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February 12, 2006

Warning! Camouflage Ahead!


A few months ago I painted my office four lovely shades of green – camouflage. There were some unanticipated results. Now I am often confused when I enter the room, I get lost on my way to my desk or it may take me minutes to find my way back to the door.

I thought all this was just me but I recently learned that, according to Abbot H. Thayer, large scale camouflage can often be confusing or even dangerous, especially in small spaces.


Learn these kinds of camouflage tidbits in the above shockinigly well-researched volume, Disruptive Pattern Material - An Encyclopedia of Camouflage, by Hardy Blechman. With a seemingly unending amount of jaw-dropping photographs and information, you will be transfixed for hours. I promise. And you may end up painting your office too. Despite the dangers!


DPM – At Amazon.com
DPM Edition II – At Amazon.com

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