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December 30, 2005

Big Win


With a bit of confusion, it's all over and we do have a winner: Iconomy, who e-mailed me the answer before anyone else came up with it (as well as timestamping her said answer on Metafilter). Iconomy's email reads:

We had a lot of fun on Ask Metafilter trying to discover what these were! They're part of the Dushanbe Optical Tracking Facility. These are part of the Okno system, in Tajikistan. It's an optronic system for observing space objects - a space tracking system. (Although USA thought it was a military laser system)

Much congratulations to Iconomy. This is how she found it:

I typed the words SPACE and DOME into Google. The image was on the second page of the returns. It was totally hit and miss. First I tried combinations of observatory and dome and all kinds of things. I spent well over an hour trying to find it...hee.

Iconomy says she does not desire the highly valuable and fashionable prize, which is quite astonishing given that it makes such a lovely handbag (I gave my wife 5 of them for Christmas). So now, because of Iconomy's evident unwillingness to accept this oh-so-chic masterful thing of coolness, I will announce the surprise second place winner!

Scott Elyard! You are the amazing second place winner in the "Win Big!" contest and you will receive Iconomy's prize! Scott's winning comment reads:

Next, on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom... witness the eggs of the fabulous Mechagodzilla--and, oh look! The one nearest to us is about to hatch--AIIIIIEEEEE! RUN AWAY

Great job, Scott! And great thanks to everyone else involved. All 5... thousand of you.

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