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December 17, 2005

He Yelps for Help


Poor Samorost. His dog has just been stolen by aliens and now you must help him (or be him) as he attempts to rescue his poor pup. The game is Samorost 2 by Czech design group, Amanita Design. The game-play is compelling enough but it's the visuals that really pull you in: they're beautiful – a Dr. Seussian world, but with more texture, dimension and dirt. I couldn't wait to get to the next area, just to see more.

I can't usually find games I enjoy, but I couldn't pull myself away from this one. Plus, half is free!

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Thanks for the link to the Samorost games!
I really enjoyed playing them...and then I played them again just for the visuals.

I provided a link to the Myst forums and it seems people over there are enjoying it as well.
Of course, this is only time-killing until YOU come up with another fantastic game. *sigh*

Nice blog btw. Makes me dream.

Posted by: Bir | Dec 26, 2005 8:05:50 AM

The premise is exactly the same as Lenny Loosejocks. The visuals are indeed much nicer though.

Posted by: Ovi | Dec 28, 2005 1:42:27 AM

It's not free. Only the first half is. Samorost2 can be purchased for the expensive amount of 9$. And it worths it.
I've purchased it, so it allows you to play it offline with a little more quality in sigth and sound, and let you play the game to the end,when the little guy ran out of fuel, you have now to manage to find a way out to his own asteroid.
Great game, the very first one that remembers the early Myst times

Posted by: Nootilus | Dec 29, 2005 12:05:13 AM

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