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September 22, 2005

Amplifier as Art, Part II


"The aluminum case is hand-polished, the acrylic front and back are hand-cut and polished (including hand fire-polishing), and the silkscreening is all hand-done as well. All of the electronic subassemblies are hand-assembled and hand-soldered. Our team has been working together for almost 10 years now, building guitar effect and amplifiers, and this is my first hi-fi piece. I considered it originally to be something just for myself but so many people said they loved it that I decided to go into production."

Zachary Vex, founder of ZVex, and inventor of the Impamp

After about two weeks with my new Impamp, I can report that all that hand-assembly is worth it... the sound is absolutely amazing! And for those of you who are instrumentalists, ZVex makes a slew of cool effect boxes. My favorite... the Wah Probe.


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