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July 24, 2005

Porsche Uber Pipes


Watch out! When Porsche restores a historic organ, they're not about to be conservative with their design. We're talking dashboard and gauges. We're talking brushed stainless steel. We're talking uber-streamlining. How does the restored organ sound? Does it matter?

This is not the first of Porsche designed high end instruments. They've also recently teamed up with Bosendorfer to reinterpret the piano. It's hard to believe anyone could improve on Bosendorfer's acclaimed sound and design, but tinselman is always open to a new instrument.

All of this brings to mind the Porsche smoking pipe. Evidentely, non-smokers thought it was beautiful. Smokers hated it. The cooling "ribs" did adequately disapate heat away from the tabacco, as they were designed to do. Unfortuantely, the ribs themselves grew unbearably hot to the touch. So when one smoked the Porsche pipe, one had to be holding it carefully by the stem... or there'd be some serious fried fingers. Ouch!

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