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July 04, 2005

Miniatures of a Great Miniature


In the early 1950s, Walt Disney began toying around with model trains and miniatures. It wasn't long before his miniatures began to grow; soon he needed more and more space to hold them. Eventually Disney accomplished his largest miniature of all by scaling up his beloved model trains to almost (but not quite) human size. Hence, Disneyland was born: Walt's very large scale model of no place in particular which, because of its stunted size, manages to feel oddly close... and cozy. The lampposts are shorter. The windows are shrunken. Even the castles and mountains are dwarfishly snug.

We, the public, have been enamored with Walt Disney's gigantic miniature since it opened in 1955. So what do we do to display our adoration for the park? We built miniatures of it! Here are loads of links to Disneyland miniatures (and other related links).

Disney Train Model
Carousel of Progress Scale Model (via boing boing)
Mosato House Scale Model (see previous link on Monsato House)
Shuco 1:90 Scale Disney Monorail
Disney 50th Anniversary Monorail Model
Disney 50th Anniversary Models
Walt Disney with scale model of Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Main Street USA Collection (Connect them all for a complete scale model of main street.)
Walt Disney: One Man's Dream photos
Blueprint of Walt Disney's backyard 1/8th scale railroad

Disney  French  Lego   Prvt  Fantsy

(Russ Ullner's photos via The Disney Blog)

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Of course it's hard to outdo Walt and his world, but we continue to try...

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