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June 18, 2005

Fascination with the Whale


Relax and look around... you are standing inside the stomach of the World's Largest Blue Whale. Built in the early 1970s by Hugh Davis as a gift to his wife (boy, I bet she was suprised), the Cartoosa Whale has been enjoyed by countless Route 66 travelers.

What is it with whales? We build them into mini-golf courses (Myrtle Beach, SC), fairytale parks (Schellsburg, PA), science centers (West Hartford, CT) and even amusement parks (Aneheim, CA). As if that weren't enough, we create inflatable whales and gigantic, metal whale-shaped things.

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Whales are the largest animals on earth. Ever. This is impressive, and our species has always been impressed by extremities of scale (very small to very large).

And yet, for all its size and in spite of its huge mouth, the throat of a blue whale is no larger than the diameter of a grapefruit.

Posted by: Scott Elyard | Jun 19, 2005 2:34:21 AM

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