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June 25, 2005

Romance On Ice


Have you always dreamed of marrying that special someone in artic temperatures while downing loads and loads of vodka? An Ice Hotel may be the place for you! There are few Ice Hotels to choose from, all of which melt each spring and so must be rebuilt annually. The 60 room Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweden, was the first and still is the largest of any of them. Virtually everything is made of ice at Jukkasjarvi: the glasses out of which you drink, the bed on which you sleep, even the canoes in which you ride. (Check out some QTVRs of the Ice Hotel here.)

Quebec's Ice Hotel ain't half bad either. It may not be as big as its Swedish cousin, but it has amenities like a movie theater, a (Vodka) bar, two ice-art galleries, hot tubs (in case you get cold), live concerts, and dining fit for a gourmet. And if you're in Canada or the U.S., it's not that far to travel to spend a night on ice.

Because ice and freezing temperatures and vodka are all so obviously romantic, both Ice Hotels contain significant chapels. In fact, Ice Chapels turn out to be a prevalent thing in general...

Lawrence University Ice Chapel, 1932
Lawrence University Ice Chapel, 1933
The Chapel, 1990
The Wedding Chapel, 2000
The Snow Castle 1
The Snow Castle 2

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Incredible. It must be awesome to sit in a hot tub surrounded by ice. Talk about ying/yang.

Posted by: Mike H | Nov 28, 2006 6:43:30 AM

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