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July 21, 2005

Extremo the Clown


Greetings from Extremo the Clown (and his extremo car)! My family and I first encountered Extremo a few years back, while stuck next to him in traffic in downtown Portland, Oregon. I rolled down my window to ask him about his exceptional car. That's when he attached his red nose onto his face and began acting like a clown on acid. Or a weird blend of a clown and a liittle nervous, yipey dog. He was not exactly entertaining.... but those 10 minutes (or so) were certainly memorable.

I've since read that, when he first tried on a clown nose, he had a kind of epiphany. I guess it was almost as if a voice spoke and told him, "you are a clown; go out into the world and be thee therefore a clown." From that point on he felt – he knew – he had a vision for what he was meant to do, and he did it. Today, whenever he gets behind the wheel of his car, the Extremo-man in him "just comes alive... he actually takes over."

Of course, the great thing about Portland is that its population tends to value the eccentric; it's difficult to imagine Portland without Extremo.

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And pray you never live next to him!

Two of his kids are the coldest, crudest, most callow creatures it has ever been my disgust to encounter.

I guess I have something against guys that marry "meal tickets" and then fool around with kids 30 years younger. Audrey is proof of cetean-human genetic compatibility!

Posted by: Nausee | Sep 11, 2007 2:41:21 PM

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